Natalia Bartosiewicz

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What can I do for you?


I'm always happy to design responsive web site designs, UX, UI, wireframes and also newsletters, banners or graphics for social media. Need anything?


I have experience in designing business cards, CVs, brochures, rollups, posters and many more. Unique design or one matching your business' identity? No problem!


Thinking over each element to create coherent whole and create outstanding identity is one of my favourite tasks. 


Some of my works


Few words about myself

Over past 4+ years I've been working as a freelance graphic designer helping my clients bring their ideas to life. Since 2014 I've been designing websites for a company in Warsaw, focusing mostly on selling platforms. Beside my work I'm a student of Graphic Design at SWPS University in Wroclaw, Poland where I learn awesome stuff about communication through design and improve my skills.

I love the process of designing - thinking over each element to create desirable and outstanding outcome. If you want me to design something for you, do not hesitate to contact me.